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What You Need To Know About Reserving a Storage Unit

When you reserve a unit, we hold the selected unit size, price and promotion

 for you until you’re ready to move in. For your convenience, you can make

 your reservation up to 48 Hours in advance of your move-in date and finish

 the rental process on-site by visiting our office during business hours.


Reserve one unit, or as many as you need. There’s no obligation and you

 can change or cancel your reservation at any time with no charge.

Need  help choosing a size? Feel free to give us a call 512-321-2370.

Note: There is a one time administration fee of $12.00 with all new move-ins.

Reserving a Unit Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3


1) Enter your personal information.


2) Select a unit that meets your storage needs.


3) Click continue to complete your reservation.

On-Site Storage Industry Manager